Berkshire Maprun Series 2021


As we go into mid-Summer, BKO are running a maprun series. We plan to run this through into early Autumn.  


How does it work? 


Accessing courses  

You can access our maprun courses through the maprun6 mobile phone app from FNE enterprises under the folder UK> BKO> maprunseries2021.  


To download a map for printing and access other information such as parking or potential safety issues, please access the BKO maprun page or maprun UK site.  


Further instructions on how to use maprun can be found here on the BOF website , or please ask us if you have any further questions or problems at . 




 Each course will be open for a period of approximately 3 weeks at the end of which we will calculate points for the maprun league. We will award 50 points for first, 49 for second etc.  

Note that you can still run any course outside the time window and will get a result for that course, it just will not count towards the league.  


Course types? 


Most of our courses will be score events lasting 45 to 60 minutes on open orienteering style maps, but it is not restricted to that format and we may include line courses, off street courses or use orienteering specification maps in places.   


In addition, we have opened a selection of our lock down courses to still count towards the league scores.  


We plan to have courses right across Berkshire from Newbury to Slough.  



Please make sure that you are familiar with the scoring system being used and the penalties, particularly for score courses. 




Current results as of 5th September 2021 are here 




The first few events are listed below. 


Course Opening Date Closing Date  
Whitley Wood, Reading   15th July

Starting from Whitley Wood Recreation Ground


Burnham Village   22nd July  Results 
Caversham 1st July  29th july

 Score Course Map


Maidenhead North

  6th August

 Score Course Map


Crown Woods

2nd August 26th August

 Score Course map



 Woodley South    16th September  Score Course Map
 Wargrave  25th August  16th September  Score Course Map  (Note that this is a 50 minute score). 
Lower Earley