Adding Results to the BKO website

To add results to the BKO website you will need to have the "Results", "Splits", "Youth League Results" or "Final Detils" in HTML format. HTML pages can be created from most word processing or spreadsheet applications. HTML is also the default output of the "Colour" results system that BKO has been using since 2015.

(For more informatin on adding content to the BKO website see Adding Content to the BKO WEbsite).

Once you have the "Results" and/or "Splits" in HTML format, follow the simple step-by-step instructions to add them to the webasite.

A. Firstly Log onto the BKO website using the "Login" button towards the top right of the homepage.
    (If you do not have a username and password you will need to contact the website administrotor to get one by emailing

B. Click the "Add Content" button to the top left of the screen

C. On the resulting Content-Types screen, choose the "Result" Content-Type

D. Now on the Create Result screen, follow steps 1-4 to add your Results or Splits (this is shown in the graphic below.

  1. Select the event that you are adding results for (this is an autocomplete field, so just start typing your event name and the event or all those events that match your typing will be shwon. Select the correct date for the event you are adding results for.
  2. Select the Result Type that you are adding, typically "Results" or "Splits" (pick "Youth League" for Youth League results, or "Final Details" if you are adding Final Details to a Level "C" or above event). This seletion will chose the TAB that the content you are adding will be linked to, when viewing the event.
  3. The Body area of the form may contain a template (e.g. a Fianl Details template). If you do not wish to use this template then delete everything in this section before contiuing to add your content. Copy the HTML that you are adding into the Body area of the form. You can edit the content directly in this screen if you need to.
  4. Finally, click SAVE to save the results. That's it !