Controllers Guide

Information for anyone Controlling an Orienteering Event

According to the BOF website the "Role of the Controller" is as follows

There are 3 levels of Controllers (Grade A, Grade B, Grade C) that have slightly different responsibilities, however Controllers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the standards required for the event are delivered during the organising, planning, delivery and reviewing of the event
  • The event and competition rules are adhered to
  • Communicating with event officials using tact to influence the decisions the event officials take regarding the event
  • Advice to event officials with regard to the potential pitfalls that should be guarded against
  • Checking and advising on all aspects of the organisation of the event with the organiser and the planner
  • Ensuring that the risk assessment has been carried out
  • Ratifying the final paperwork for the event (final courses; course lengths and climbs; map corrections; control code allocations; course description sheets; overprinted maps)
  • Providing feedback on all aspects of the event to organisers and planner
  • The Event Officials handbook has information to support a controller in their role.