Mappers Guide

Information for anyone Mapping and area

BKO currently uses OCAD to draw and update our maps.

If you are mapping an area from scratch then the following are very good resources for finding background maps:-

  1. OS OpenData (

    OS Open Map
    OS VectorMap District

  2. LIDAR data (

    DSM - Digital Surface Model (Earth surface including objects on it - shows buildings/trees etc)
    DTM - Digital Terrain Model (Earth surface without objects on it - Just terrain)

  3. In order to make use of the LIDAR files your will need a new version of OCAD (Version 11 or 12), or you will need to use another program.

    QGIS is the best open source GIS program and is reccommended by the Ordnance Survey.

    You can get hold of QGIS from here:-

  4. These can be loaded as background maps into OCAD
  5. These can also be loaded as background maps into Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM)