Organisers Guide

Information for anyone Organising an Orienteering Event

According to the BOF Website the "Role of the Organiser" is as follows

  • Establishing the event framework - this includes everything before the start and after the finish including the start & finish.
    (i.e. everything apart from the course itself, which the Planner is resposible for)
  • The safety & welfare of the participants and other members of the public in the event area
  • This will involve ensuring that the following are carried out: land permission, event registration, access, car parking, assembly area, publicity timescales and in conjunction with the planner the courses.
    (In BKO, Land permissions and event registration are carried out by the fixtures secretary)
  • Risk assessment, risk management and contingency plans
    (In BKO, the Risk Assessment is sometimes carried out by the fixtures secretary, as part of gaining permissions)
  • The equipment to be used including electronic punching, clocks etc
    (In BKO, this is usually done by a core set of people familiar with using the "Colour" software, but you need to make sure that someone has volunteered to do this for you)
  • Volunteer helper requirements
  • Checklists for managing the event on the day and after the event (car park, assembly, registration, start, finish, results)
  • Creation of an event timetable
  • Event safety and missing competitors procedures

Typical timetable of events on the day for Level "D" events

It is essential to get any groups or schools that are intending to come to a Saturday event to pre-register i.e. to provide the names and ages of people attending, to help with registration and ensuring we have enough maps.

The following form can be sent to such organisations ahead of the event BKO Group Entry Form

8:00 - Arrive at registration area

8:10 - Erect Tent for registration and computer systems

8:15 - Set up start area (start boxes + start control + start banner)

8:30 - Set up finish area (finish control + finish barrier)

8:45 - Set up signs from nearest road to Parking area (and Parking area to Assembly if neccessary)

9:00 - Erect BKO feather (with weights)

Suggested kit list for Level "D" events:

  • Parking Area
    • Road signs from nearest road to Parking area
    • signs from Parking area to Assembly if necessary
  • Assembly Area
    • BKO feather (+ 2 x sand bags to weight it down)
    • 2 Tents - for Registration and separate tent for Computers
    • Long table (main registration table - white)
    • 2 chairs
    • 2 Small/medium tables for the computer system(s) 
    • Small table plus notice board for people to fill in EOD forms
    • Pens (on EOD table)
    • EOD forms (for additional forms download the BKO Event Entry Form)
    • Box with float
    • Emit Cards (for hire)
    • Emit card reader (MTR4 reader + EPR3 printer, all in same black case)
    • Map boxes for White/Yellow courses that stay with Registration (Short course for Summer Events) & Maps
    • Details of courses & course lengths for EOD table
    • Details of charges for the registration table
    • Details of any final details that competitors should know (e.g control description changes, special items, waterlogged sections)
    • Map availability schedule
    • Empty Tub for car keys
    • First Aid Kit (there are several First Aid kits in the club equipment)
  • Start Area
    • Start banner
    • 3 or 4 Stakes to hold Start banner, if neccessary
    • Start control
    • Quantity of red/white striped tape plus scraps of it in case there is a walk to the start and to create start boxes.
    • Map boxes for Orange/Light Green/Short Blue that go to start (Medium and Long courses for Summer Events) & Maps
    • Control description boxes
    • Start Clock
  • Finish Area
    • Finish banner
    • 3 or 4 Stakes to hold finish banner, if neccessary
    • Finish controls
    • Tape to finish if necessary
    • Signs from finish back to Download, if neccessary