Maprun Courses


Maprun courses in Berkshire


What is Maprun and how do I access it?

 Maprun is a free smartphone app that uses GPS location to record your visits to control points. This allows setting up courses and allows orienteering even when there are no markers on the ground. The current version is Maprun from FNE Enterprises and is available through the  Apple App store and Google play. 

 Berkshire Orienteers has a number of maprun courses set up (listed below), these are mainly street events but forest-based courses may be available in future.  These can be used for individual training and are a great way to get out and orienteer when larger events are not available.


How do I use Maprun?

You can find details on how to download and use Maprun here and some UK specific information here

Download the BKO courses within the app via Select Event > UK > Berkshire.


Safety and Covid-19

Each event has some written details that cover how to access the courses and safety issues specific to the course.

You should always follow all covid regulations in force and follow the British Orienteering Covid Code of conduct.

You are likely to be running in an area you are unfamiliar with and on your own, we advise that you let someone know of your plans before you go or travel with a friend as covid regulations allow.

As Mapruns are run individually, you are running at your own risk and not covered by British Orienteering’s Liability insurance.

Additional information on using maprun and on safety can be found here


How do I access the courses?

Check the final details and download the maps for printing from the links below.

 A quick link to course details and results can also be found here



Any further questions?

If you have any further questions on using maprun or are interested in planning a course, please contact

Location  Start Course Type Details  
Bracknell- Wildridings Wildridings recreation ground (See final details)  4 sprint loops and junior loop  each 1-2k

Final Details and maps 


 Bracknell - South Hill Park/Birch Hill   Birch Hill- Leppington Car Park  Sprint loops 1 -2k  Final Details and maps


 Bracknell- Jennets Park  Jennets Park Community centre- see final details   2,4, & 6k Urban courses  Final Details and maps 


 Ashenbury park, Woodley  Ashenbury Park, car park - see final details 
 Urban courses 

 Final Details and maps

 Yateley  Yateley Town Hall car park  60 and 40 minute score

 Final Details and maps 

 Newbury North   Church Road, Shaw  60 minute score   Final details and maps  
 Newbury South   Greenham Park, Newbury 
 75 and 45 minute score  Final Details and Maps   
 Tilehurst  Victoria recreation ground, Tilehurst  Urban courses  Final Details and Maps  
 Calcot   Beansheaf Community Centre   45 minute Score


 Final details and map

Black Park

Main Car Park

Main Car Park (Bing)

Medium and Long Line Courses (Permanent Orienteering Courses)

Final Details

Long Course 

Medium Course 

 Caversham Park Vilage 


 Clayfield Copse recreation ground car park


 Urban courses 

 Final Details and map