Uploading Results to Routegadget

Advice to planners

There is a section of the event handbook with advice to planners on what to provide in advance.  Please direct planners to this before the event if possible. 


Uploading results to Routegadget

In order to upload results to Routegadget, you need the following documents:-

  1. The mapfile of the blank map (in Jpeg, Gif, Png, Tif or PDF format)
    (this can be exported from the OCAD software by the Planner - Export file at 300 DPI)
  2. The course file (in XML format) detailing the control numbers used for each course
    (this is normally exported from Purple Pen software by the Planner)
  3. The results file (in CSV format) detailing competitors split times.
    (this is normally produced from the results software by the Results team)

The following site contains an introductory video to using Routegadget https://github.com/Maprunner/rg2#user-guide-and-introductory-videos

Logging onto the Routegadget website

  1. Goto http://www.bko.routegadget.co.uk/rg2/?manage
  2. Username: berkshire
  3. Password: please email results@bko.org.uk for the password.

Adding the files to Routegadget

  1. Using the "Add map" tab to add the blank map to the site
    (Use the "Event Location" - "Month" "Year" e.g. Swinley East - Oct 2018)
  2. Use the "Add event" tab to name the event, select the date and add the Results File and the Course File as follows :-
    Name - Use "Event Location" "Event Type" e.g. "Swinley East Saturday & Youth Leauge", do not add the date this is in another field)
    Map - Select the map that you added above
    Club - Set to "BKO"
    Event Date
    - Select the event Date from the calendar
    Event Level - Select "Local" for Saturday Events, "Regional" for Level "C", "National" for Level "B", "International" for Level "A"

    Results File - Choose the CSV file supplied by the results software

    Course File - Choose the XML file created ny the Purple Pen software

  3. You now need to line up the controls from the Course file with the map that you have uploaded
    this is done by dragging the controls around the screen. Move one control to a known point on the map
    and right click to lock it. Then select another control and drag it to it's correct location.
  4. Once all controls are placed proerly on the map click "Create Event".

Some hints and tips 

  1. If the course has timed out sections such as road crossings, it is better to include the timed out sections in the routegdaget splits. This has the advantage that the playback represents what the competitor actually did in the forest and also GPS traces will match splits. A possible but unlikely consequence is that the final positions for some competitors might change. MERCS/Colour outputs splits with time outs removed for official results, so you may need to work with the results team to get a second set of splits for routegadget. I suggest warning the results team in advance and consider this a nice to have feature. Better to get some results on routegadget then a long delay. 
  2. It is much better to have splits files by course (not class). This  is so everyone on the same course can compare routes regardless of which class they ran. This isn't a problem for most events where competitors enter by course, but is something to watch out for at larger events such as the Concorde Chase or Urban league events where competitors enter by age class. 
  3. Access to the FTP server is available if you want to archive or edit individaul routegadget files. Please email please email results@bko.org.uk  for account details if you need to do this.
  4. Be careful when editing the splits file in excel, by default it can change times over 24 minutes from  mm:ss format to hh:mm. This means times are 60 x longer than expected and playback appears 60x slower.   Use a plain text editor if possible. 
  5. When GPS traces are added to routegadget; records are added to both the splits and route files, both need to be saved if these files are updated or edited  anyway.