Youth League 2018-19

Welcome to the BKO Youth League 2018-19

Congratulations to everyone competing last season. Please see the final 2017/18 Results page. Certificates will be presented to the age class winners at the first Youth League event of this season (13th October). 

The idea of the BKO Youth League is to help you to see how you are improving over the season (September to May) and to remember your best results. All juniors finishing at least 4 events in the League receives a certificate and so do the winners of the age classes (shown on the League results summary). We aim to present certificates at the first League event of the season.

The League is open to all juniors competing at BKO events (see event list below). You might be a beginner trying out orienteering on the White course, or you may be working your way up the courses in increasing length and difficulty: Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green and Blue (the level reached at national age class 16). Some of the league’s fastest juniors beat all the adults on their course! You can find out more about orienteering here. If you are interested in stepping up your orienteering skills, please contact the South Central Junior Squad who organise training.

You can try different colour courses at events, but you are advised to work your way up by building experience (and there are age restrictions on the longer courses). You can also run round a course in a pair, or with an adult shadowing you to give you confidence (although they are not allowed to help you navigate if you are competing). Just tell us when you register for the course on the day.  

The scores for the BKO Youth League are calculated against the clock, not position relative to other juniors. For full information about the Youth League, click for the Youth League Rules

Clarification: Although the Youth League rules allow competitors to run more than one course at an event and take their best score, this does not extend to running the *same* course more than once. If that occurs, only the lowest score will be accepted, as a competitor who has already completed the course once will have an unfair advantage. Youth League rules allow for pairs, but not for groups. Groups of more than two running together will not be scored.

IMPORTANT - Please make sure your age is entered on the entry form. Your score depends upon your age as well as the course you run, so no age = no score!

2018-2019 Youth League Events

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