BKO Annual Awards

BKO makes two regular awards at the AGM.

The first, Jim's Jug, is normally awarded to the Junior (under 18) who has had the best season each year as judged by the Executive Committee or, if more appropriate, to a person or group who has made a significant contribution to junior orienteering in Berkshire.

The second, the Derek Harding Award. is awarded for outstanding services to the club.

The Club Champion is decided at a neighbouring club's event during the year.

Recent winners are:

Year  Jim's Jug Derek Harding Award
Club Champions
2021 Aidan Williams David Jukes

Male - John Methven

Women - Lisa Methven

Handicap - Toni Whittle

Junior Male - Aidan Williams

Junior Women - No Entries

2020 No Awards for the year due due COVID    
2019 Adam Methven Denise Harper

Male - Derick Mercer

Women - Trish Monks

Handicap - Peter Innes

Junior Male - No Entries


Junior Women - No Entries

2018 James Waite  Jane Courtier

Male - Kezia Jukes  

Women - Trish Monks  

Handicap - Dimitar Gospodinov

2017  Amelia Wing Martin Wilson

Male - Simon Moore

Women - Fiona Clough

Handicap - Colin Godbold

2016 Imogen Woodcock  David Jukes

Male - David Jukes

Women - Annika Greenwood

Handicap - Mel Golding

2015 Adam Methven Terry Hosking Anne-Marie Hillier
2014 Thomas Innes Di and Glen Wass
Katie Stubbs
2013 Oliver Smith Andrew Graham Eric Harper
2012 Jacob Marwick Tim Booth Gill Godbold
2011 Charlie Betts Denise Harper Alain Wilkes
2010 James Palmer Reg and Anne Parker  
2009 Pat Wills Eric Harper  
2008 Susan Straka Di and Glen Wass  
2007 Andy Straka Lynne and Simon Moore  
2006 Charlotte Horner Moore Family  
2005 Alex Moore Peter Entwistle  
2004 Christina, Rachel and Matthew Bennett Alan Yeadon  
2003 Josephine Rogers Liz Turbin  
2002 Georgina Metcalfe Neil Frankum  
2001 Mark Courtier Reg and Anne Parker  
2000 St Andrews School Eric and Denise Harper   
1999 Kathryn Bouch Dave and Katy Stubbs  
1998 Richard Flint Tim Booth  
1997 Alistair Bouch Bryce and Janet Gibson  
1996 Bobbie Baldwin Cload Family  
1995 Greg Smith    
1994 Rebecca Baldwin