Planners guide to Routegadget


The club has a routegadget2 installation which provides a contibution to results service. 
Competitors can add and compare routes.
View maps of areas that the club have used previously. 
Planners can get feedback on how competitors attemted the planned legs, which route choices they made, etc. They can also how previous events were planned and competitors route choices.

Files needed

Please provide the following to

  1. The mapfile of the blank map (in Jpeg, Gif, Png, Tif or PDF format)
    (This can be exported from Purple Pen software as part of the routegadget export, or exported directly from OCAD. 
  2. The course file (in XML format) detailing the control numbers and relative locations of all controls used for each course
    (This is  exported from Purple Pen as part of export routegadget files or as an IOF XML export of course data from OCAD.)
  3. Details of the location of some controls on the map- so the controls can be fitted correctly. (Preferably a PDF of all controls or your longest course map, or the complete course setting file.)
  4. Routegadget also requires the results splits which the results team will provide from the resuts system (in CSV format)


  1. Please don't send the files prior to the event unless agreed with the results team as this could make them non-competitive (Or even more non-competitve). 
  2. Please do send them as soon as possible after the event. Competitor interest drops off quickly after the event and the publishing of results. it is important to make routegadget available as soon as possible after the event to make the most of it. 

More information

The club handbook has a page with detailed information on how to add an event to routegadget here