Communications Principles

The following communications principles were agreed by the committee on 28th November 2013, in an attempt to ensure that regular communication of relevant information is sent to members, whilst attempting to ensure that irrelevant or marketing material is never sent out.

BKO communications to its members

Principle 1: All members will be made aware of all BKO events and activities, AGMs, EGMs, and relevant club-related issues.

When someone joins any club they could legitimately be expected to receive in return appropriate, club-related communications.

Communications from SCOA and its clubs to BKO and its members

Principle 2: BKO will communicate to all its members’ information received from SCOA and its clubs in relation to events and activities within the SCOA region.

As BKO is part of SCOA we will let our members know about events and activities being held within SCOA and by other SCOA clubs.  The BKOFix emailing, the Newsletter the BKO Updates emails, Facebook and Twitter are examples as well as details of SCOA League events.

Communications from British Orienteering

Principle 3: BKO will communicate to all its members, as appropriate, information received from British Orienteering in relation to major competitions and British Orienteering activities.

Members will get communications directly from British Orienteering (e.g. Focus). However BKO will also communicate details regarding major events (e.g. British championships, JK, and championships in North, South, Midlands, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and activities such as the Clubs and Associations meetings.

Communications from other Governing Bodies and other Clubs

Principle 4: BKO will communicate with all its members, that information received from other Governing Bodies and other Clubs which is considered to be of potential interest to BKO club members.

This principle enables us, for example, to alert members to WOC and WMOC competitions, events outside SCOA (e.g. like SN events, the London City race), and BKO trips to other events (e.g. the Lakes coaching and competition weekend that was organised a couple of years ago).  The test question on suitability of such information will be “Is any BKO member going to be interested in this ?”