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Results for Starry Night-0, Star Posts, 16/12/2023


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Yellow (length 2.4km, climb 30m, 8 controls)

  1  Sophia Oqvist       BKO W18  17:04 
  2  Gill Sharp           SN W65  31:05 
  3  Richard Rae         BKO M75  31:16 
  4  Rob Mullens         BKO M45  33:28 
  5  Steve Goodrum        SN M60  37:27 
  6  June Lau                W35  58:01 
     Mairead Duke            W55  rtd   Missing nos 2-8

Courses YellowGreenBlue
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Green (length 4.8km, climb 95m, 11 controls)

  1  Ross Maclagan        SN M45  57:03 
  2  Ian Byford           HH M65  66:21 
  3  Rob Smart           BKO M50  69:20 
  4  Marc Balston      SARUM M50  72:16 
  5  Patrick Laloyaux    BKO M35  73:13 
  6  Nicola Mort             W35  73:16 
  7  Carol Lovegrove      SN W50  75:26 
  8  Debra Robinson       SN W55  76:21 
  9  Martin Lock          GO M75  81:32 
 10  Denise Harper       BKO W70  90:07 
 11  Fiona Clough        BKO W60  90:34 
 12  Jim Munday          BKO M80  90:36 
 13  Eddie Walsh         BKO M55  91:45 
 14  Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W60  92:19 
 15  Glyn Thomas         BKO M60  92:43 
 16  Sarah Francis        SN W55  95:13 
 17  Terence Hosking     BKO M55  98:04 
 18  Sophie R.d.        TVOC W18  98:39 
 19  Martin Dennett     TVOC M50  98:57 
 20  Thomas Honniball        M40 100:16 
 21  Julie Collins      DFOK W60 107:47 
 22  Thomas Down         NWO M45 121:55 
 23  Heidi Lloyd        TVOC W45 133:58 
 24  Amy George              W35 138:51 
 25  Kirsty Adams        BKO W50 139:40 
mp   Toni Whittle        BKO W50 106:32 Missing no 11

Courses YellowGreenBlue
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Blue (length 6.3km, climb 145m, 14 controls)

  1  Peter Daplyn         SN M40  55:10 
  2  Zlatko Peev        SLOW M50  57:20 
  3  Juraj Hammer        IND M45  61:10 
  4  Michael Krajewski    SN M40  62:10 
  5  Sarah Rollins        SN W45  64:45 
  6  Tom Davies         SLOW M45  65:24 
  7  Frank Aasgård           M40  65:55 
  8  Craig Blackford    BADO M55  76:36 
  9  Cameron Lamond       SN M50  77:25 
 10  Richard Lloyd       LOK M55  78:15 
 11  Paul Machnicki      BKO M35  78:45 
 12  Neville Baker      TVOC M70  84:00 
 13  Keith Belsey         SN M55  86:19 
 14  Mark Collins       DFOK M60  90:52 
 15  Neil Speers        DFOK M55  91:02 
 16  Bo Oqvist           BKO M50  91:30 
 17  Dave Ryder           SN M60  91:57 
 18  Colin Palmer       TVOC M35  92:18 
 19  Roger Thetford     TVOC M60  92:26 
 20  Bert Park        SUFFOC M55  93:08 
 21  Dmytro Oskoma       IND M21  93:43 
 22  Ifor Powell         BOK M55  95:13 
 23  Chris Evans        SLOW M55  96:07 
 24  Paul Fox             SN M60  97:18 
 25  Trish Monks         BKO W45  99:38 
 26  Robin Bishop       TVOC M55 101:48 
 27  Peter Dobra         SAX M21 107:22 
 28  Mykyta Chubynsky     OD M45 109:36 
 29  Jon Vaughan         BKO M45 119:14 
 30  Helen Ashenden       SN W55 131:30 
mp   Christopher Ashenden SN M55 125:54 Missing no 11
     Daniel Rose             M45  dnf   No finish time
     Neil Frankum        BKO M50  dnf   No finish time
     Melanie Slade        SN W55  rtd   Missing nos 11-14

Courses YellowGreenBlue
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Planners Comments:

This was the first night event I have planned, and I targeted winning times of 50 mins for the Blue and Green courses. The courses were slightly longer than I expected probably due to it being a night rather than day event…… or dare I say runners being slowed up by having too many Christmas meals :). On the first trip to the forest it became obvious to me that controls needed to be on large features within the forest because of the height of the bracken. Although the bracken died down somewhat by the date of the event, this served me well given it was a night event. I hope everyone found the courses fair, with several different routes choices for most controls. Even when Crown Estates threw in a few last minute requirements with extra OOBs, I hope the different route choices proved interesting. I would like to thank Eoin for organising such a wonderful event and Pete the controller who provided excellent input into the courses.
Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all the Christmas elves who stood in for me on the day. I tested positive for COVID on the Wednesday and felt none of you would have wanted this as a surprise Christmas present, so I had to stay away from the event.
Alan Phillips 

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