Level C Urban Event (Birch Hill) 27-Jan-24

Invites you to
Birch Hill, Bracknell: UKUL urban event
on Saturday 27 Jan 2024

This is the first day of the BKO Concorde Chase Weekend. On Sunday the 28th of January the Concorde Chase National forest event will be held at Barossa

NOTE: A link to the Final Details will be sent out by email today and there is also a link to it on the Event Racesignup page


Event Details
Location Based at South Hill Park (adjacent to the Arts Centre and Wilde Theatre). 

 A3 sheet, 1:4000

Terrain Great Hollands and Birch Hill together provide one of the largest and most technical high-density housing areas in the UK. Linked by underpasses, they provide high-quality, low-traffic racing throughout. Older juniors can enjoy the technical courses, while younger juniors use the delightful grounds of South Hill Park, close to parking and Assembly. 

Urban League classes 1-7. Please Note final course details subject to modification by the Controller.

Course Classes Length - Optimal Route Climb Number of Controls
1 Men Open 10.4km 110m 27
2 Men Vet 40+, Women Open 8.0km 85m 28
3 Men Supervet 55+, Women Vet 40+ 6.7km 85m 22
4 Men Ultravet 65+, Women Supervet 55+ 4.8km 65m 18
5 Men Hypervet 75+, Women Ultravet 65+, Women Hypervet 75+ 3.2km 35m 14
6 Men Junior 16-, Women Junior 16- 3.7km 40m 14
7 Men Young Junior 12-, Women Young Junior 12- 1.9km 15m 14
Note course lengths have been calculated according to the 2024 rules, as they stand at 1 Jan 2024. Lengths are now measured as “….the shortest route which a competitor could reasonably possibly take….(Rule 17.5)” for all events. As this method effectively shortens courses compared to the 2023 Rules course lengths have generally been planned towards the top of the given range, particularly for the longer courses.
Entries Entries are now open on Racesignup  https://racesignup.co.uk/site/event.php?eventid=3923
EOD No entry on the day. Online entry only. Entries will close 4 days prior to the event and prices increase for entries after 21st Jan (see Racesignup.co.uk for details).
Fees   by 21st Jan 2024 (Online) SIAC hire



£13 (£15 non BOF membs) £2

Senior on novice course

£6.50 (£8.50 non BOF membs)



£6.50 (£8.50 non-BOF membs) Free
Facilities  Cafe, toilets are in the South Hill Park Arts Centre.
Times SIAC Collection 9:30 - 11:30.   Start Times 10:00 - 12:00.   Course closes at 14.30
Officials   Name Contact
Organiser Fiona Clough (BKO)  concorde@bko.org.uk
Planner Katy Stubbs (BKO)  concorde@bko.org.uk
Controller Craig Blackford (BADO)  
Dogs  No dogs on the courses please.
Entry details will be stored in a computer. A registered club photographer may take photographs in line with the club policy - see Photography Policy.  Submission of an entry for the event will indicate your acceptance of these procedures.
In the unlikely event of a cancellation a notice will be placed on our website (http://www.bko.org.uk). BKO reserve the right to retain enough of your fees to cover costs.